Why I love what I do

With a photo you can capture a moment, and have it forever and this is actually the first main reason why I simply love being a photographer. Photography changes the way we see things, you start paying attention on each little detail and once you start noticing details, you start to be more self conscious on how much beauty is all around you. It also helps me in forgetting all the worries I might have at that moment. I normally get immersed when shooting, and all my troubles and daily stresses goes away. 

A photo can capture the essence of a specific moment, sometimes in just one frame. And that is my goal, to capture the essence of each event, wedding, couple, pregnancy or whatever photo session you hire me for. I will do it with great love and enthusiasm because I just love what I do.


A little bit about me

I am originally from Brazil with German descendancy. Moved to Amsterdam about 15 years ago to pursue a career and life change.  Both happened rapidly and soon I needed a new challenge, that was when photography came in.

Ten years ago a couple (professional photographers), friends of mine, came to visit and I started playing around with their fancy cameras. The result was some great pictures that inspired me to proceed on this path. First I bought my first camera and started following known photographers on internet, to get inspiration. I also did a great deal of research, read many tutorials and followed some online photography courses.

So around Spring of 2013 I got my first assignment, a couple on honeymoon in Paris. From that moment on my passion and skills just grew and I was sure that this challenge is for sure one that will keep me motivated for a very long time in my life.