A little explaining

“Trash the dress” can also be called “Rock the Dress” or “Fearless Bridal”. In simple words it is an opportunity for you to put on that gorgeous dress of yours again and make the best pictures out of it. The couple dresses in the same way as their wedding day and choose all locations they would like to be photographed. This session is about love, spontaneity, inspiration and freedom.  During the wedding day, due to high pressure on the schedule (formal pictures, reception and party waiting, parents waiting for more pictures and so on.) the couple doesn’t have the chance to get as intimate or as personal as they could be when in a more relaxed environment. That is when this photo shoot comes in, when the time is set only for the two of you. 

So if you are contemplating to Trash it or Not, make one appointment and have a little chat with me. I will be able to address any doubts or worries that you might have. The most important rule to the relationship with your photographer is, TRUST THEM! And I will make sure that you can trust me.

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